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Jobs Number Work place Release date
Sales Assistant 1 Ningbo, Zhejiang 2020-12-15

Job requirements:
1. There is no restriction on gender, college education or above, basic reading and writing English ability, under 30 years old, welcome fresh graduates.
2. Work carefully and carefully, have a sense of responsibility, be upright, and have strong team coordination and stress resistance.
3. Familiar with official document writing format, proficient in using office software such as OFFICE
Job responsibilities:
1. Assist the sales manager to sign various sales contracts, and number, print, typeset and file the contracts;
2. Track the progress of the contract, coordinate the implementation and implementation of delivery, invoicing, etc.;
3. Make, count and analyze various sales reports;
4. Assist in the preparation of plans, tenders and other related affairs;
5. Complete other tasks assigned by the department manager.

Warehouse Manager 1 Ningbo, Zhejiang 2020-12-15

Job requirements:
1. Age requirements are under 40 years old, male, high school education or above.
2. Have working experience in warehouse management, proficient in basic office operations such as WORD, EXCEL, WPS, and knowledge of ERP is preferred.
3. Work carefully and carefully, have a sense of responsibility, strong coordination and stress resistance.
Job responsibilities:
1. Plan and reorganize warehouse materials, and check materials and accounts with finance.
2. Other matters arranged by the company.

Foreign trade clerk 1 Ningbo, Zhejiang 2020-12-15

Job requirements:
1. Fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing English is required, and able to communicate independently with foreign customers.
2. Under the age of 30, there is no restriction on men and women, work actively, willing to endure hardships, break into, serious and responsible.
3. Have the ability to independently develop international trade.
4. According to the performance of business ability, the salary can reach more than 12,000/month.
Job responsibilities:
1. Receive visits from foreign trade customers of the company.
2. Develop international trade through various media, exhibitions, etc., and control foreign trade risks.
3. Other matters arranged by the company.



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